Our Natural Environment Has Been Harmed and Mistreated

by Kokua Vida on Oct 17, 2022

Our Natural Environment Has Been Harmed and Mistreated

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A brand that stands to restore the land in honor of all living beings. 

Our natural environment has been harmed, mistreated, abused, exploited, disrespected, and unappreciated.  Sounds harsh, but the sad reality's TRUE!

The world has become egotistical and dominating, losing sight of how precious and delicate our ecosystem truly is.  Big corporations have put profits over everything else, wreaking havoc on our lifespan and environmental conditions.

They won't stop until we care and choose to stop buying from them and most importantly remember who they were that did this to Humanity.

Toxic chemicals in fabrics wreaking havoc on our bodies.

This disconnection from nature, and the environmental consequences we now face, are causing extreme and unprecedented levels of depression, stress, and anxiety. 

As we wake up to the impact that these negative actions have on people and all living beings.. 

We must stop. And consider…

Humanity is at a crossroads, and we each have the choice of whether to change or remain in this current destructive paradigm. When we transform from separation consciousness to unity consciousness, we automatically reconnect to nature and live more symbiotically with the natural world. 

We also start making the right choices that will leave our planet healthy for future generations, which is our duty as their ancestors. There is a portion of youth that are becoming acutely aware. We welcome them to our mission...we have much educating to do.

It is going to take a shift in consciousness and a value system reset to bring humanity and the planet back into balance.

It's time. Who is with us? 

Let's Bring Humanity Back to Nature

Love to you 

KokuaVida Team