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Promotes Endocannabinoid Balance (ECS)

Consuming cannabinoids (CBD) is one of the most effective ways to support your body's endocannabinoid system, which can help improve mental health and brain function, encouraging homeostasis.

Boost Energy

Using only high-quality ingredients, KokuaVida's product line, such as NOX, ACV, and TRIM, promises improved focus so you can feel better and lead a more vibrant life.

Support immunity

Natural immune support products from KokuaVida and plant-based products help you maintain good health. Our favorite product choice for an immune boost would be our ARONIA berry gummies coupled with 3500mg.

For Better Recovery

The KokuaVida product line helps support cellular Repair and is designed to provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to regenerate damaged cells. Vidazzz is our #1 choice because total body recovery starts with a good night's sleep.

Our Five Stars Reviews

Love it so much

AMAZING results! Quickly relieved my annoying joint pain, and now I am able to be more active. Being able to spend time with my grandkids without paying for it later…PRICELESS!!

Sanda F.

Quality CBD Product

I have been struggling with inflammation for years. I tried the 3500 product from Kokuavida and had great results!! I highly recommend them!

Richard D.

The Soap is Awsome

I love this soap! I use it for my entire body and love how it makes my skin and hair feel.

Nancy M.

3500mg CBD

I love how the 3500 product from Kokuavida helps my stress management. Really enjoying the product!

Amanda S.

No Stress!

Who knew? CBD actually works!

Jess M.

Tasty Orange Flavour

Love this product. From 1 to 10, I vote 10! I tried other CBD products in the past, but they upset my stomach. So happy to have found one that I feel great on and sleep like a baby.

Daniel S.

You won't believe what this 3500mg CBD oil can make you feel. I look forward to my next bottle. I never want to run out!

Andrew S.

Tried a few but no other oil works like this 3500mg!

Peggy S.

Love 3500mg oil!

Walt S.

From took a lot of tries to find the perfect CBD oil. I am so happy to have found 3500mg. It feels great!

Tammy C.

For better Sleeping

Sleeping like a baby with our CBD oil

Stephanie M.

CBD that actually works?

John C.

Solution of Sleep Problem

"Sleep had always been issue for me. I tried the 3500 product and slept on the first night. Thank you Kokuavida!!!"

Teresa P.

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The Sleep-Weight Connection

Hemp Quality Is Our Core Concern

Hemp Quality Is Our Core Concern

Our Natural Environment Has Been Harmed and Mistreated

Our Natural Environment Has Been Harmed and Mistreated

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