Purity Integrity


At KOKUAVIDA, we understand the profound power of details and the vigor of nature. Every ingredient we use is rigorously examined - as is the choice to use sustainable, reusable and biophotontic MIRON GLASS™ packaging that holds many of our products. Our goal is to bring every aspect of our operations into harmony with the natural world, a testament to our commitment to holistic health.
The motivation behind our thoroughness? It's you, our cherished customers. You who refuse to compromise on anything less than exceptional, particularly when it concerns your health. You demand a voyage down the path of organic healing, guided by the wisdom of medicinal plants and the efficacy of natural ingredients.
Your trust is our badge of honor, a reflection of our unwavering dedication and commitment. It's the reason you'll see our trust badge displayed with pride on every product label and interwoven into our marketing narratives. At KOKUAVIDA, we are not just creating products; we are crafting narratives of nature, health, and steadfast commitment to quality. Your trust ignites our relentless quest for perfection and drives us forward in our mission to blend health and nature seamlessly.

 At KOKUAVIDA, a decision of paramount importance was made. We handpicked an elite team of physicians to form our esteemed medical advisory board, each one a vanguard in their respective fields. These are not just names on a letterhead; they are practicing doctors who are deeply entrenched in the front lines of healthcare, working tirelessly to help patients overcome their health challenges.
This close proximity to the pulse of current health needs is crucial. Their firsthand knowledge and experience shape not only our understanding but also our approach to health innovation. They are our compass, guiding us through the complex labyrinth of product development.
As we embark on the journey of creating new products, these doctors play an instrumental role. Their insights and expertise ensure that our offerings are not just novel, but steeped in rigorous scientific research. Every ingredient we use has been meticulously scrutinized and vetted by this board, ensuring that what you get from KOKUAVIDA isn't just effective, but trustworthy.
In essence, our medical advisory board does more than advise - they are our partners in innovation, our guardians of integrity, and most importantly, your assurance of quality. In their capable hands, we are confident that KOKUAVIDA's mission to enhance health will be realized with the utmost professionalism and dedication.

KokuaVida's Hemp and Natural products for health and home are at the core of our business, focusing on providing quality solutions for home and health.

With sustainability in mind, our range of Hemp and Natural products focuses on our commitment to excellence meaning that we are focused, affordable items made with Hemp and Natural fibers as well as high-quality formulations and Ingredients, encouraging a greener lifestyle through sustainable alternatives.

All of our Hemp and Natural products use resources fully aligned with sustainable living practices and each product is checked to ensure they meet the highest quality standards


We choose hemp farms with the highest quality standards of growing and extracting.
Farm Bill-compliant.
Phytocannabinoid and terpenoid-rich strains
100% Legal
Certificate Of Analysis for transparency 

BUT...We didn't stop there!



 Why did we choose Miron Glass?

This goes back to our TRUE NORTH-NATURE.

Upon discovering the remarkable attributes of Miron glass, we were instantly compelled to utilize this extraordinary material for our products. We are eager to share with you the unique characteristics that set Miron glass apart. As you learn about this captivating material, we believe you will not only appreciate our decision but also begin to envision multiple ways to repurpose this energizing glass. 

Miron glass is more than just a container; it's an innovative solution that breathes life into anything it houses. We are excited for you to experience the transformative power of this exceptional glass and join us in our journey towards sustainable and energetic product packaging.

Benefits of Biophotonic Glass:

-Preserves the biophotonic activity of natural products
-Prevents the loss of biophotons
-Makes preservatives unnecessary
-Maintains the natural goodness of the product
    Notably, packaging plays a crucial role in food preservation, quality, and waste avoidance, especially considering global population growth, climate effects on crops, and food safety concerns.
    Evidence of the superior quality of our violet glass is seen in sensoric testing where chives stored in our violet glass for three months retained their aroma and vibrant color, unlike those stored in clear and brown glass.

    Biophotons are invisible light particles emitted by nearly all living cells, and absorbing these biophotons can significantly enhance health and well-being. Over 40 global scientific groups are examining the potential benefits of biophotons, which include increased vitality, disease prevention, and deceleration of the aging process.

    Biophotonic glass protects the biophotonic activity of natural products, preventing biophoton loss, preserving their natural goodness, and eliminating the need for preservatives.

    The appreciation of violet glass, such as our MIRON's violet glass jars, dates back to Ancient Egypt and is significant in Eastern traditions for its representation of universal harmony. 



    Show us how you repurpose your miron glass


    In the spirit of Universal Harmony, consider the balance achieved when every bottle you purchase from us can be repurposed for various uses within your home.
    This not only allows you the benefit of utilizing our products but also empowers you to transform these bottles into functional household items. Let's explore a few ways you can creatively reuse your Miron Glass bottles:


    Here are six practical ways to reuse your Miron glass bottles:

    Artistic Upcycling: Some customers have turned their Miron glass bottles into pieces of art, showcasing the aesthetic potential of these containers (source: Miron Glass)..

    Storage for Homemade Sauces or Dressings: The dark glass is perfect for storing homemade condiments like vinaigrettes or barbecue sauces, helping to preserve their flavor and freshness.

    Storing Homemade Oils: If you make your own oils, you can store them in Miron glass bottles to maintain their freshness and efficacy (source: Glow Skincare).

    Spice Storage: The UV-protective qualities of Miron glass make it an excellent choice for storing spices, keeping them fresh and potent for longer periods.

    DIY Liquid Soap Dispenser: You can transform your Miron glass bottle into a stylish and eco-friendly liquid soap dispenser for your bathroom or kitchen 

    Refillable Cosmetic Container: If you make your own lotions, oils, or other skincare products, Miron glass bottles can be an excellent storage option due to their ability to block harmful light rays, preserving the product's quality.